infellowshipnow – news and views

infellowshipnow is the online companion to infellowship a quarterly print magazine published by the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches (UK).  The magazine itself is the successor to Congregational Concern, also published quarterly by EFCC under the same name for 46 years (January 1969 to Summer 2014).  Much of the content of infellowship will be recognisable to established readers of Congregational Concern, although the balance of articles and the name and design have been changed to reflect the mission of independent evangelical churches with a congregational heritage in the 21st century.

Likewise, infellowshipnow gives the opportunity to introduce additional content on a rolling basis, which may be:

  • news items of events between issues of the the print magazine
  • longer versions of, or addenda to articles published in print
  • articles on topics for which space cannot be found
  • articles of special rather than general interest
  • better and more timely reporting of gospel work in the churches
  • better reporting of God’s work internationally
  • articles giving a Christian perspective on topical events in the UK and worldwide

After a slow start, due to pressures on the Editor’s time,  infellowshipnow articles are beginning to be added more often.

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